Impact Stories

Discover the impact of the Catholic community in Greater Boston and beyond.

Launched in 2020 by Jehu and Deidra Leconte, Empowered and Dedicated to Edify the Nation (EDEN) is a non-profit organization that helps families experiencing homelessness access resources, skills training, and workshops to escape homelessness permanently.
What do you get when a million pairs of sneakers descend upon one of the oldest countries in Europe? A World Youth Day that is “fire!” (That’s teen slang for “awesome.”)
BHCC, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, provides nursing, rehab, long-term, and hospice care for senior residents.
The partnership between the Catholic Health Foundation and Dana-Farber was born years ago and has continued to serve both entities
Engage is a clinical, research, and advocacy program that increases access to quality cancer care for patients with serious mental illness, a vulnerable population who experience inequities in cancer care and increased cancer mortality.
Advised by Fr. Michael Zimmerman, Encounter Ministry cultivates friendships between young adults and the homeless. There is no agenda. The missionaries simply forge connections of love and trust with those who most crave it.
For centuries, cathedrals have given Catholics a way to express solidarity with the universal church. They are not only gathering places for Christians throughout the world, but their architecture is designed to point our minds and souls toward heaven. They represent a concrete commitment where all of us- brothers and sisters in Christ- can celebrate our shared faith.
If there is one thing the pandemic taught the world it is that unpredictability is an unpleasant state of being. Fortunately for the infants enrolled in the Early Childhood program at Mission Grammar School (MGS), unpredictability is an environment they will not encounter.
The Saint Rock Haiti Foundation (SRHF) has been working to bring hope, compassion, and dignity to those living in the rural mountain communities high above Port-Au-Prince by providing healthcare since 2002.
A visit to Regina Cleri offers visitors a unique insight into the fraternal brotherhood of priests. Clergy Trust’s residence for senior priests of the Archdiocese of Boston is located in Boston’s West End, and there is an invisible “embrace of grace” that seems to inhabit every floor of this top-of-the-line facility.