Impact Stories

Discover the impact of the Catholic community in Greater Boston and beyond.


POUA has collaborated with the City of Boston, the state and federal governments, and Caribbean Integration Community Development, a nonprofit which aims to improve quality of life for minority communities in Boston, to break ground on a new senior housing development in Mattapan.
Friendship Works (FW) strives to crack the code of the disconnection epidemic with a very soluble and simple solution: friendship.
St. Anthony Shrine, located in downtown Boston, serves homeless women in a space that is safe, private, and separate from any male presence.


On the side of St. Jude Church in Norfolk stands a large, beautiful oak tree whose far-reaching branches offer shade for the prayerful, the weary, and the sorrowful. But just a few paces away- inside the parish hall- Beth Budny is providing a very similar place of respite.
Archbishop Williams High School (AWHS) has tapped into the key to joy by unlocking the important connections between senior citizens and young people.
Together through these unique faith experiences, young people learn to find their place within the Church and realize that their significance is carefully created as part of a divine plan.


In a day and age where children and adolescents seem more vulnerable than ever to bullying and online social pressures, the time has never seemed more appropriate for schools such as St. Mary’s to embark on combat maneuvers to help the future generation navigate its way through the social and behavioral land mines posed by the 21st century.
Working in small spaces with few resources is not unusual for Catholic school nurses. Tight budgets require out-of-the-box thinking and often result in tiny triage units where scraped knees, feverish foreheads, and sore throats all convalesce together in a pocket-sized space.
Practicing the use of feeling words is one of the ways that students at St. Mary of the Hills in Milton are learning to address and share their social and emotional needs.


Angel Flight Northeast, funded by the Catholic Health Foundation, bridges the gap between the impossible and the possible by providing free medical transportation to patients of all ages who need to access vital medical care.
Another day, another headline. The surge in mental health issues among all ages continues to climb in the United States. And when it comes to diagnosing and treating mental illness in adolescents, the challenge is one of the greatest in contemporary mental health practice.
CHF grant helps immigrant victims obtain asylum.