Established in 1987 to serve as a resource center to the influx of new Irish Emigrants to the United States, the Irish Pastoral Centre (IPC) has been supporting the Boston Irish Community spiritually, socially, legally, and emotionally for nearly 40 years.
Community Servings nourishes both the body and the soul.
Launched in 2020 by Jehu and Deidra Leconte, Empowered and Dedicated to Edify the Nation (EDEN) is a non-profit organization that helps families experiencing homelessness access resources, skills training, and workshops to escape homelessness permanently.
Advised by Fr. Michael Zimmerman, Encounter Ministry cultivates friendships between young adults and the homeless. There is no agenda. The missionaries simply forge connections of love and trust with those who most crave it.
For centuries, cathedrals have given Catholics a way to express solidarity with the universal church. They are not only gathering places for Christians throughout the world, but their architecture is designed to point our minds and souls toward heaven. They represent a concrete commitment where all of us- brothers and sisters in Christ- can celebrate our shared faith.