A prescription of care and comfort at Bethany Care Center

BHCC, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, provides nursing, rehab, long-term, and hospice care for senior residents.

Regardless of the weather, guests entering Bethany Health Care Center (BHCC) immediately feel a sense of warmth. The newly renovated reception area has intentionally used light, color, and even an aquarium to exude a calm and gentle atmosphere. Whether coming to learn about admission for loved ones or visiting residents, the homelike environment is a comforting attraction.

BHCC, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, provides nursing, rehab, long-term, and hospice care for senior residents in a manner which helps them to be connected with God, with other people, and with the world in which they live. In the last few years, BHCC has received over 1,000 financial contributions to renovate the facility, purchase new equipment, replace old furniture in resident rooms, and purchase a bus to transport residents to medical appointments and social outings. Of the major financial contributors, the Catholic Health Foundation (CHF) is a leader and was among the many benefactors on hand at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the facility’s new Welcome Center.

Mingling with guests and sharing her joy at the recent renovations was Sr. Jacquelyn McCarthy, CSJ, CEO and Administrator. “We are so grateful to the Catholic Health Foundation’s grant,” she said. “Because of this generous gift, we have been able to purchase critical medical equipment that allows us to offer our residents easy access to treatments and care without having to leave the facility. For example, the new ultrasound machine has significantly reduced the need for outside diagnostics and trips to the hospital which is wonderful for our patients.”

Sherry Fenton, Chief Development Officer, and Jim Argir, Executive Director, each extended their gratitude for the community’s support, financial affirmation that Bethany Care Center’s mission to provide quality care and foster connections is important. At the heart of Bethany’s mission is a focus on the spiritual journeys of its residents, which is reflected in a special blessing (shortened here for brevity) shared by Jamie Madeiros, Bethany’s Director of Spiritual Care.

Good and Gracious God,

We ask you to shower your graces upon this place and all who come upon it.

May the threshold of coming and going always be one of hospitality and of blessing.

May those who join with others feel deeply the blessing of companionship and communion.

May families gather in great love, may friends uplift and enjoy, may all who sit find comfort and peace.

May the spirit of God rest here, accompany all who enter, and leave each better for having come.


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