What We Do

Supporting service, faith, education, and health in Greater Boston.

Providing Philanthropic Support and Broader Awareness

The Archdiocese of Boston and various Catholic nonprofits, ministries, and programs make a meaningful impact on our communities every day. The Catholic Community Fund (CCF) is dedicated to funding these entities and bringing attention to their work and impact.


There are nearly 4.5 million people living in the 144 cities and towns within the Archdiocese of Boston. Almost 10 percent of those people live below the poverty line, which makes robust social services an essential undertaking.

CCF works with organizations, ministries, and parishes that provide food, shelter, safety, and compassion to those in need.


Catholic schools prepare students for a successful and self-giving life built on a foundation of faith. Children are taught to care for one another, foster a relationship with God, and believe in their inherent gifts and talents. Especially in under-served communities, a Catholic education can transform the lives of young people.

CCF supports the overall vitality of our schools, provides scholarships for students who cannot afford a Catholic education, and offers various learning and personal growth initiatives for both students and faculty.


CCF oversees the Catholic Health Foundation, which was created to provide financial support to nonprofit organizations within the Archdiocese of Boston that provide health care and healthcare services consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Since it was formed in 2013, the Catholic Health Foundation has awarded 529 grants totaling nearly $6 million.


The Archdiocese of Boston is the fourth largest in the United States, serving 1.8 million Catholics. With more than 250 parishes, three seminaries, over 500 active and senior priests, and thousands of women religious, the Catholic faith in Greater Boston is strong and far-reaching.

CCF supports parishes, individuals, organizations, and ministries that allow Catholics to practice and explore their faith, ensuring that the Church remains vibrant for generations to come.

A Lasting Impact on Greater Boston

Together with our generous donors, CCF helps ensure ongoing support and long-term sustainability for Greater Boston’s social service agencies, Catholic schools, health and healthcare initiatives, and faith communities and programs.

in endowment distributions and grants awarded in FY22
$ 1500000

Our Impact

“Your generous donation will allow us to improve the abilities of immigrant youth in the Haitian and cape Verdean faith communities of Greater Brockton to cope with obstacles to their behavioral and spiritual health.”
Robert J. Haffey
President/CEO of Signature Healthcare