In a day and age where children and adolescents seem more vulnerable than ever to bullying and online social pressures, the time has never seemed more appropriate for schools such as St. Mary’s to embark on combat maneuvers to help the future generation navigate its way through the social and behavioral land mines posed by the 21st century.
Working in small spaces with few resources is not unusual for Catholic school nurses. Tight budgets require out-of-the-box thinking and often result in tiny triage units where scraped knees, feverish foreheads, and sore throats all convalesce together in a pocket-sized space.
Practicing the use of feeling words is one of the ways that students at St. Mary of the Hills in Milton are learning to address and share their social and emotional needs.
Ursuline Academy’s Wellness Workshops Promote Health and Resilience in Young Women
If there is one thing the pandemic taught the world it is that unpredictability is an unpleasant state of being. Fortunately for the infants enrolled in the Early Childhood program at Mission Grammar School (MGS), unpredictability is an environment they will not encounter.